In the long run managements stressing accounting appearance over economic substance usually achieve little of either.

Warren Buffett

We provide turn-key accountancy services in Bulgaria

Backed by professional legal support

Our accountancy services are quite different from the services that are offered by the accountancy companies in Bulgaria. We fully understand that taxation is extremely important. Legal conformity in the field of accountancy should be on the number one list for every entrepreneur.

Virtually all accountancy offices in Bulgaria will provide straightforward accountancy filling services. While for small company with standard operations (this is to say simple invoicing and no international deliveries/business) this may be ok to start with, international companies with strong exposure and serious business need more than that.

We think this is not enough. Accountancy, without legal support by experienced tax lawyers, is set to fail. Accountancy laws in Bulgaria (and elsewhere) are complicated and determination to comply with them is needed at all stages. Failing to follow the law may lead to severe fines and even penal responsibility. And these should be avoided at all cost.

Obviously we are providing all accountancy services, as for example:

  • VAT registration;
  • VAT monthly declarations;
  • Annual tax returns and financial reporting;
  • Statistical institute returns;
  • Declarations and reporting with the Bulgarian National Bank;
  • Payroll services.

But we go far beyond that – we provide our customers the complete assurance that there accountancy is fully in order and is double-checked by our tax lawyers. Feel free to call us for tax consultation so you can bring your books in order asap.