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Mahatma Gandhi

Corporate attitude and personal attention – two of our most important strengths when assisting international businesses in Bulgaria.

Full corporate services for your business in Bulgaria

Expert assistance in all areas

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On this page you will find the most frequent corporate services that we provide to our clients. The area of our expertise reaches far beyond however. Under the services section from the main menu, you can access many other services which we offer.

Bulgarian Company formation (LLC, LTD, JSC, etc.)

We are offering formation of new limited liability companies according to your personal requirements. The service includes all filings and registrations so that the newly formed company is ready to trade. Whenever possible, we use digital certificates (electronic signature), yet another advantage to our customers. Mainly because of extremely tightened bank account opening procedures, company formation in Bulgaria has become a much more difficult task recently. We believe to be one of the few, if not the only one, company in Bulgaria that is able to successfully complete the task.

For detailed information, please go to Bulgarian Company Formation.

Legal and administrative advice

We help our clients avoid and reduce their business and legal risks. Our professionals are committed to progressing matters efficiently and at the lowest cost for the customer. In some areas, when required by law, we employ external and independent solicitors to act on behalf of the client in order to protect its interests.

We always carefully examine all available options to enable our clients to reduce their operational and legal costs.

You can count on us for all aspects of your business dealings in Bulgaria, including “Dealing with employment contracts and administration”, “Incorporating comprehensive legal structures in Bulgaria”, “Expanding your business”, “Buying and selling your business”, “Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)”, “Company matters”, “Banking and finance advice”, “Drafting or disputing existing contracts” and much more.

We firmly believe that the best legal protection is achieved when the business initiation has been started with care and professional advice. We also provide VIP corporate services in Bulgaria through VD&A.

Tax advice and support

We have the capacity to effectively manage the tax aspects of wide range of business in different industries. We also handle individual‘s tax affairs, however on a case by case basis. Starting by carefully studying your case, we model it financially if necessary, but always with great emphasis on the legal conformity. We discuss the issues together with you, and once we have the full picture in sight, only then we go to the drawing board to suggest a solution that is most suitable for you personal circumstances.

You can count on our advice us to:

  • Optimize your taxes;
  • Distribute income in most tax efficient, 100% legal way;
  • Protect your income and wealth in the most tax efficient location within the European Union;
  • Structuring Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Change your domicile for tax reasons;
  • Organize an IPO.

You can read more detailed information about the taxation system in Bulgaria.

Accounting, filling an reporting

Owning and managing a Bulgarian company requires, as in any other country, certain accounting and reporting effort. We will provide full accountancy and bookkeeping advisory services. We will advice on tax returns and other submissions, including statistical and central bank reporting. Under our accountant‘s management you will enjoy not only peace of mind, but a very cost effective way to manage your company books. Please visit the accounting in Bulgaria section for more detailed information.

Payroll services assistance

Outsourcing of the payroll administration to us will help you focus on the core drivers of your business.

Processing of payroll requires full knowledge of the national and EU laws and the constant changes in the Bulgarian regulatory requirements.

Processing of the payroll of your employees requires a qualified payroll accountant, a lawyer and quality accounting software. Deadlines appear regularly and they need to be met to keep up with the entire wage related legal, reporting and financial issues.

Outsourcing of the payroll administration to us will help you focus on the core drivers of your business. We provide payroll services for all staff or separately for the management team as always strict confidentiality is required. We employ high security measures, including full encryption utilities using AES standards to prevent data leak.

Our payroll advisory services include the calculation of net income, taxes and insurance, drafting of payment documents, on line banking, special bank accounts administration, the latter used only for payment of salaries to management with the objective of strict confidentiality.

The components of the payroll advisory services include, but are not limited to:

  • Estimation of sick and paid leaves;
  • Production of bank documents and on line banking;
  • Delivering e-pay slips in password protected (AES) file to each employee;
  • Reporting employer‘s costs in various breakdowns as analytically required;
  • Drafting of labor and civil contracts;
  • Defining recruitments;
  • Registration and update returns of labor contracts in the National Revenue Agency;
  • Processing terminations of labor contracts;
  • Reporting for insured persons to the Register of the National Social Security Institute;
  • Processing of monthly payroll ledgers and pay slips;
  • Acting as agents in your relations with the National Revenue Agency and the National Social;
  • Security Institute.

Bank account opening assistance

With our bank introduction you can be certain you are not only opting for the bank that offers the best conditions for your particular situation, but you can also be confident that you are fully benefiting from all the banking services at the best possible conditions. You will enjoy an unmatched personal attention and recognition.

Private Banking in Bulgaria? Absolutely! For more information, please visit the bank accounts section.

Company searches and due diligence

We can obtain on your behalf copies of the public record filings for a business entity already registered in Bulgaria. We can file a search on the name of the business entity, the local branch of a foreign entity, etc.

We can also carry searches on the names of the directors, shareholders or any of the members of governing and supervisory bodies of a given corporate entity.

We can obtain either certified or ordinary copies of the complete file held at the commercial register. Normally we can extract the articles of association, incorporation memorandums or any of their amendments. We will also be able to provide you with all the appointments in the corporate governing bodies including past, recent and present.

Information about charges, liens, and liquidation proceedings, voluntary and compulsory executions is also available when public registration of those circumstances is required by law.

Our searches normally take 2 to 3 working days to be completed. Due diligence services for high net worth individuals is provided by

We believe in our uniqueness to provide smart scanning and X-crossing of financial links between different entities, directors and shareholders.