Bulgarian economy

The Bulgarian economy and the great world economic powers (2021-2023) The Bulgarian economy, like any economy of a small country, is directly dependent on the major world economic powers. For Bulgaria, these powers are the EU and the United States. Therefore, we will first briefly consider the BNB’s (BNB –Continue Reading

Bulgarian national assembly

The Bulgarian parliament voted new citizenship law that will enable the country to attract fresh investments. In return, the investors will get the opportunity to obtain fast-track EU citizenship. The new investment options that are available for the citizenship candidates are more comprehensive than the Eurobonds – the investment ofContinue Reading

air travel Bulgaria

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. St. Augustine Nothing is more important for us than the ultimate comfort of our clients! That is why our specialists travel the world around. Meeting our valued Clients on all continents 24/7 Customer service andContinue Reading

stable economy in Bulgaria

Israel‘s doors are open to collaboration with Bulgaria. Shimon Peres Bulgaria – ultimate safety for your business and your investments Rapid sustainable growth The Bulgarian economy has been growing rapidly and its exports are booming. The business-friendly environment in the country and its well educated workforce has been major attractionContinue Reading

china covid-19

Китай, пандемията и голямата геополитическа игра     Помните ли Чернобил? Ще кажете: какво общо има Китай с Чернобил? Има. В България все още добре помним Чернобил. Помним  как комунистическата власт опита да прикрие инцидента на територията на тогавашния Голям Брат – СССР. Лъжеха ни, че няма нищо опасно. Спокойно даContinue Reading

ready made pre-registered company in Bulgaria

I set sail, not to sail the seven seas, but to enjoy what life has to offer. Anthony T. Hincks Наше предложение – покупка готовой компании в Болгарии с НДС номером и банковским счетом – от 2490 EUR !!! Для чего нужна болгарская компания с НДС? Предлагаем вашему вниманию возможностьContinue Reading