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Establishing business presence in Bulgaria through our professional business address in Sofia.

Registration address vs virtual office

The main differences

virtual office Bulgaria

When one starts small or mid sized business in another country, one of the first obstacles to overcome is how to register the business with a local address. While large businesses (ie a factory) has no difficulties with this as these companies are usually selecting their premises prior to the official registration of their entities, smaller businesses have to find acceptable, legally suitable office in order to launch their operations.

Registration address

The registration address is required so the newly formed company can be registered on it. Obviously it can not be a mere random address that can be provided for the purposes of the registration. Firstly, the company that will be using the address needs to have legal authorization from the owner of the premises to use it. Secondly, the address needs to be monitored on a daily basis for any official correspondence or checks (in person) from the authorities (ie the tax office).

Virtual address

Virtual office serves all of the purposes of the registration address, but doesn’t stop there. It ensures real physical business presence of the company in Bulgaria, by providing at least the following services:

  • Mail handling (receipt, filing and safekeeping);
  • Mail forwarding by post or courier (to designated by the client address in Bulgaria or abroad);
  • Mail scanning and forwarding (by secure email or any other mean, as instructed by the client);
  • Local phone number set-up;
  • Call answering in Bulgarian and in English;
  • Call forwarding (to another phone number);
  • Meeting room use.

The above represent only a fraction of the services that can be provided through our virtual office department. Our VIP corporate department provides wide range of additional services, tailored at the clients specific needs.

Why are our registration address and virtual office services better?

Only reputable businesses

We don’t provide neither registration address nor virtual office services to companies we haven’t checked thoroughly and have determined their business intentions to be not only genuine, but also sustainable and scalable. While this will deter many of those willing to start business in Bulgaria, it will guarantee the serious entrepreneurs that they will not share the same roof with businesses with questionable practices.

Capped number of businesses in the same address

We don’t accommodate many companies in the same address. We are fully compliant with the Bulgarian legislation and unlike many other legal firms, we only register a tiny number of businesses in the same address, in full compliance with the regulations. Any company in Bulgaria, registered in an address with more than 2 or 3 other businesses, raises immediately a red flag for the authorities and is often subject to tax checks and other time and money consuming procedures.

Addresses in Sofia (not in the middle of nowhere)

Unless specifically instructed otherwise, we only use registration addresses in the Capital city – Sofia. If a company is registered in another city or village, the majority of the dealings with the government authorities (ie the tax office) need to be carried out through the relevant government office in the area where the company is registered. Unless the company is registered in Sofia, this can present a big hurdle for any internationally located investor (visiting distant areas, etc.). Additionally, the perception of a company registered in Sofia (can be checked easily by your business partners online) is much better than that of a company registered in the middle of nowhere.

Virtual offices only in the most prestigious areas of Sofia

Our virtual offices are exclusively located in the most prestigious areas of Sofia. The majority of them are in business buildings where many large international companies and embassies are situated. This sends a strong signal to the customers of our clients, visiting the location, about the scale and the legitimacy of our clients’ businesses. We don’t believe in meeting perspective customers in the suburb areas or in areas that are hard to reach from an international airport.

Additional and VIP services

For selected clients, we provide a wide range of additional services, such as:

  • Airport pick-up and limousine transfer;
  • Private jet assistance in Bulgaria;
  • Assistance in Chinese and Russian;
  • Visit to the client in their country of residence;
  • Organizing of events and much, much more.

If you want to take advantage of our registration address and virtual office services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.