Just because you have a lot of money in your bank account, doesn’t mean that you should start feeling rich and spend it all. There is something called, «investment».

Edmond Mbiaka

Bank introduction and opening formalities

Overcoming the challenges of the due diligence and the bank opening procedures

Our bank account opening service will save you more than time and money. Most importantly, it will save you the frustration from your bank account opening application being declined.

Wide range of financial services and personal account manager

Assessing the best financial options

Private banking in Bulgaria

Together with you, we will evaluate your personal situation and will suggest you the best banking options in Bulgaria. We will not only introduce you to the institution with the highest Fitch and/or Moody’s rating, but will also bring you in contact with a local branch that offers the widest range of banking services and has staff who speaks your language.

We will assist you to open both Personal and Company Bank Accounts. Bank accounts can be opened in Euro, Pound Sterling, Swiss Frank, US Dollar or Bulgarian Lev.

Signing rights

We do not need to have signing rights on the accounts unless you explicitly instruct us to act as signatories in trust or as a part of the nominee services we may provide. This is always done by mean of notary certified POA to guarantee your ultimate safety.

Online banking and bank cards

We will also arrange online banking for your accounts so that you can have the freedom to bank 24 hours a day, wherever you are in the world.

International debit and credit cards can be obtained both for your personal and company accounts.

We will arrange, upon request, access to private banking services and personal bank manager from the reputable banks that offer this service. Our experience shows, that for pure financial services, Bulgarian private bankers, often outperform even their Swiss counterparts. Private banking services in Bulgaria are also being offered to our high net worth customers who are applying for Bulgarian citizenship by investment. The high net worth individual or corporate clients will enjoy full legal support from our experienced supporting team of lawyers in Bulgaria.


If you wish to use a Bulgarian bank different from the one suggested by us we will gladly follow your instructions.

Bulgaria has become a very popular financial destination within the European Union. Bulgaria has not yet adopted the Euro, but the Bulgarian Lev (BGN) is fixed to the euro since 1997. The exchange rate is 1,95583 BGN to 1 Euro.

Convenience and clarity

Opening a Bulgarian bank account with a debit or credit card enables you to pay for goods and services worldwide and to have a clear oversight of your financial expenditures.

Deposit interest rates in Bulgaria

Some Bulgarian banks offer very attractive deposit rates when compared to other locations in the EU. The first 100 000 EUR of the deposit are always guaranteed by the Bulgarian Government. While in the last few years, the deposit rates have decreased significantly worldwide, Bulgaria still offers one of the highest interest rates on bank deposit.

The banking products are offered by licensed banking institutions and are always covered by the Bulgarian deposit guarantee scheme.

Card payment services

We offer advice on the best options for online card payment collection services. This enables our clients to collect payment for their goods and services over the Internet. Our service is fast, safe, reliable and fully licensed by the respective EU authorities. Your company should have a bank account opened, where the funds from card collections will be paid. You can apply for both bank account and merchant account at the same time and order them whilst also establishing (buying) your Bulgarian Limited Liability Company.