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The government makes the decision. If I made the decision, most of my tax money would go elsewhere.

Jeffrey G. Duarte

Using Bulgarian Limited Liability Company (LTD) for your business needs will provide you with the benefits of the sound EU financial system and legal framework, prestige of trading from EU location, access to world class banking facilities, and all that combined with the lowest tax rates in the European Union. The simplicity of the accountancy and bookkeeping procedures are additional characteristics that make the Bulgarian Limited Liability Company the ideal choice for trading worldwide.

We will incorporate your new LTD according to your requirements and strictly as per Bulgarian laws and the applying EU standards. The formation service includes all necessary additional formalities so that the company is ready to start trading.

Your new Bulgarian company

Low capital requirement

The minimum required equity capital by law is now only 2 BGN (about 1 EUR), down from 5000 BGN some years ago. We do however advice our customers to choose appropriate seed capital amount rather than opting for the absolute minimum. There are many reasons for that, which we will explain during the company incorporation process.

Choice of business name

You can choose any name for your business if it is available. We will check the name availability immediately as we do have access to the electronic state company register data.

Incorporating a company and starting or redirecting your business in a foreign country doesn’t have to be complicated. We will provide all needed support for the start-up or transition of your business, such as accountancy and legal advice, GDPR compliance services, registration office address, bank introduction, etc. We cut no corners when it comes to legal conformity and we praise ourselves for being able to assist even the most legally cautious customers.

Other forms of legal entities in Bulgaria

Besides Limited Liability Company, there are also other types of entities that can be incorporated in Bulgaria. While the LTD is definitely the most frequently utilized company structure, the other legal forms can prove to be even more beneficial to many investors and entrepreneurs. Click the button below for more information on LTD and the other legal structures in Bulgaria.

Residency rights and EU Citizenship through establishing of a business in Bulgaria

Provided certain conditions are met, your Bulgarian company can be utilized in order to enable a foreign citizen to obtain work permit and long term Bulgarian residency with possibility for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship after the legal period of residing in the country has been met. In the last few years, the Bulgarian state program for obtaining of Bulgarian citizenship by investment is picking up. More and more applications are being submitted from citizens of non-EU countries, willing to obtain EU nationality in order to enjoy visa free travel to most countries worldwide and to gain unlimited living and working rights within the whole territory of the EU. The Bulgarian citizenship program provides the possibility to obtain all that freedom for an investment in Bulgaria. We can facilitate the financial side of the process and provide tax advice and cost optimization options. You can find extremely important and up to date information about the latest trends and legal amendments in the Bulgarian program for Citizenship by Investment on the website of the Bulgarian CBI Program.

Euroformat.eu - Bulgarian citizenship
Our lawyer Hristo Vasilev about the Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment program @ Bloomberg TV (click to watch the video in new window)

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Bulgarian taxation and accountancy services

Probably the main advantage of the Bulgarian companies, compared to other EU entities, is the rock bottom corporate tax rate in Bulgaria, which is 10% – the lowest in EU. Ongoing administration is also relatively easy, straightforward and affordable.

For more information we recommend you to visit the taxes and accountancy sections of our website.

Opening of bank accounts in Bulgaria

Company formation always requires bank account set-up. Whether a mere deposit bank account to safely stack some cash reserves or active trading merchant account, we will try our best to meet our clients needs. We will offer bank introduction to virtually all Bulgarian banks with the possibility of opening online bank accounts, obtaining debit and credit cards, etc. We have arranged with the majority of the banks who operate in Bulgaria, the possibility to open bank accounts on behalf of our customers by means of providing legalized Power of Attorney (POA). Please can read more about opening of bank accounts in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian NGO – Foundations and Clubs

Registration of a non-governmental organization (NGO) – club or foundation, is especially beneficial when the ultimate beneficial ownership of the entity, alongside with its assets need to be structured in a neat and orderly way. The functioning of foundations (clubs are rarely used for the purpose) in Bulgaria is governed by a thorough and far-reaching statutory act that is in line with the relevant Bulgarian Law on the non-governmental (AKA non-profit) entities. We can provide professionals to act as governors under trust, taking full responsibility, providing that all legal conditions and AML regulations are being observed. The founder(s) of the foundation can be in general any person or entity. The beneficiaries can be either explicitly named person, people who meet certain criteria or have been chosen by the board. In all cases the structure can be fine-tuned to meet your needs, requirements and ultimate objectives. The foundations, under the current Bulgarian legislation, can be in public or private interest (very important). Please read more about the advantages of Bulgarian foundation or contact us for professional advice and in depth discussion on the different options.

Ready made Shelf Companies

Some of our ready made companies have never traded before while others have a long trading history under the belt. The choice is yours – you may need a brand new company registered recently or an active and established entity with some trading history, references and established business. Whatever your choice is, you can start using your purchased Bulgarian company within a day or two from the signing of the share transfer agreement. To protect our customer’s interests and to comply with the legal regulations, we will arrange the notary legalization of all share transfers.

Nominee Shareholders & Directors

Provided a number of legal conditions are being met, we may be able to provide nominee director and shareholder services to eligible customers. These services are based on well drafted and legally binding trust agreements and special director service agreements to protect the interests of all parties concerned. After performing the required due diligence formalities and becoming familiar with your business structure, we will provide you with a relevant offer. We also need to assess our work loads and responsibilities for the nominee services as well as the scope of our involvement. For extra security, joint signing rights may be ascertained to different directors. Pre-approval of actions instruction mechanism can be introduced in the trust agreement for added protection. In general, we employ the best global practices of the trust services industry. Should you or your legal advisers have special requirements, we will be very committed to take them into account. We must stress that we will never provide nominee services for any illegal activities as we have zero tolerance policy or anything that violates Bulgarian and EU laws.

Important advantages for our clients

virtual office in Bulgaria

Virtual office in Bulgaria

We provide full virtual office services to our clients, thereby ensuring not only legal compliance (i.e. point of contact with the authorities), but also physical presence in Bulgaria (better perception).

Bulgarian real estate

Real estate investments

Real estate investment in Bulgaria has been the hot ticket since the country joined the EU in 2007. We will provide full administrative and legal support as well as a bunch of investment opportunities.

visa approved stamp euroformat.eu

Immigration to Bulgaria (EU)

Starting your own business in Bulgaria, registering a Trade representative office, Bulgarian NGO, or other business formations, provides the ideal opportunity to obtain legal residency in the country.

legalized Bulgarian pile of documents

Legalized documents

We provide full set of translated and legalized documents so the client can use the company with ease in any country of the world, open bank accounts in the European Union and beyond and much, much more.

Bulgaria – the best location for setting up business in the EU

Internet banking

Bulgarian online banking standards are among the most secure and reliable in the world. The client can process virtually all banking transactions online. Read more.

Robust economy

The robustness of the Bulgarian economy and Euro-tied currency is another important factor to consider when relocating your business in Bulgaria. Read more.

Fast payments

Bulgaria has no currency restrictions so sending money abroad is easy and fast. You can make transfers by visiting your bank or by internet. Read more.

Ridiculously low taxes

The famous 10% flat tax rate in Bulgaria is one of the main reasons for many international businesses and entrepreneurs to set foot in Bulgaria. Read more.

Outsourcing opportunities

Wages in Bulgaria have risen significantly in the last 10 years. Still, many foreign companies are outsourcing their operations in Bulgaria. Read more.

Worldwide service

Our representatives are visiting our clients to virtually any country in the world in order to provide consultation or fast document exchange. Read more.