Israel‘s doors are open to collaboration with Bulgaria.

Shimon Peres

Bulgaria – ultimate safety for your business and your investments

Rapid sustainable growth

The Bulgarian economy has been growing rapidly and its exports are booming. The business-friendly environment in the country and its well educated workforce has been major attraction for foreign investors. More and more foreign companies are relocating to Bulgaria, contributing with sustainable investments as they open new factories, branches and offices. At the same time, a growing number of Bulgarian companies are expanding rapidly into foreign markets and are opening businesses abroad.

Protection for foreign capital

Most of the foreign investors are confident in their assessment of Bulgaria’s economy. Stability and predictability are the first that come to mind. The banking system is consolidated and stable, with most European giant banking institutions (ie Unicredit, Raiffeisen) present in Bulgaria since many years. All EU regulations have been successfully implemented and the financial system has been carefully audited on EU level through number of stress tests, only to prove its immense robustness.

Investor friendly climate policy

The Bulgarian government follows a policy of ‘investor friendly business climate’, yet another guarantee for the foreign capital.

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