Pirogov” Hospital will perform Covid-19 PCR tests for travelers abroad (a certificate will be issued in English)

From July 19 in the hospital for emergency medicine “N. I. Pirogov ”PCR tests for Covid-19 will be performed on travelers abroad. A certificate in English will also be issued. The test will be conducted in the morning from 8.00 am to 10.00 am. The results will be received between 12.00 pm and 1.00 pm the next day by the central registry.

A two-sided photocopy of your ID card is required for the test. If the patient is a child, it should be photocopied and his red passport.

The test does not require a restriction on food and water consumption.

The cost of a test depends on whether you do it alone or in a group with your family. The price of an individual test is BGN 100. For two – BGN 200. The family package for three people is BGN 270. And for four – BGN 350.

Which countries imposed covid-19 quarantine and restrictions on those arriving from Bulgaria?

From 16.07 the entry into Greece for Bulgarian citizens will be carried out only with a negative PCR test.  And the test must be taken up to 72 hours before the trip.

Our country also remained on the “red list” for travel to Norway. Those entering the territory of Norway from Bulgaria are placed under house quarantine for 10 days.

Finland has extended border restrictions for Bulgaria until August 11th.

As of July 9, all Bulgarian citizens are subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon entering the territory of Austria. The quarantine does not apply to those who present a medical certificate for a negative COVID-19 sample. But not older than 4 days from the date of travel.

A few days ago, the authorities in Lithuania recommended a 14-day quarantine for Bulgarians. And also for foreign citizens arriving from Bulgaria.

The list of countries imposing quarantine and restrictions for travelers from Bulgaria is subject to daily change depending on the development of the situation with covid-19 in our country.

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