Legal protection against online defamation

What if you have received an online review (Facebook, Booking, Google,etc.) that is libelous in nature and your business reputation is at stake? No need to panic anymore.

Of course you can try talking to the one who left it, but chances are slim that he will rectify it. The person who has left it has made it with a purpose. And that purpose is very often a feedback extortion.

Feedback extortion is an extortion technique when someone is leaving a negative and defamatory public comment for particular business. Later, this business is requested to provide some sort of additional benefits to the extortionist in order to have the review withdrawn. As online business reputation is important, there are many victims who prefer bending their knees rather than fight back and seek legal defense.

The Bulgarian legislation – your best weapon to protect your reputation and seek huge compensation from the extortionists

VD&A is providing full assistance to those who have fallen victims of such schemes. You can read their special article here.

Our advice is, if you have been subject of negative feedback with defamatory character, act immediately. Don’t allow the perpetrators get what they are hoping for. Sue them and be compensated. Every public comment that is untrue is libel – protect your rights!

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