EU citizenship – nothing compares to you

Passports come in all forms and shapes. There are many passport rankings, trying to determine which are the “strongest” passports in the world. All these rankings however only take into consideration the number of countries one can visit visa-free. The passport of Singapore for example is often the leader in these rankings. But what it lacks, as well as many other passports, is the possibility not only to travel visa-free, but to also reside in different countries. And here is where the EU passports have an indisputable advantage. What would you prefer? A Singaporean passport where you can travel to 163 countries visa-free, but can only live on the tiny island of Singapore? Or an EU passport that gives you visa-free access to 160 countries, but you can also live and work in 30+ of the most prosperous countries in the world? We think the answer is absolutely clear. And here is where the enhanced Bulgarian program for citizenship for special merits comes to the rescue.

Bulgarian special merits citizenship – everybody is talking about it now

How about an option to obtain EU citizenship in only a few months? No residence required, no language test, no investment, no donation, nothing. Does it sound like something made exactly for you? We bet it does. So where is the catch?

The thing is that Bulgarian citizenship for special merits doesn’t get through an application. There is no option for you to go “somewhere” and say:

Hey, I am a VIP person, I want to be granted Bulgarian citizenship and passport, because I am really important! Where do I submit my application?

This is not how it works. The thing is that it is NOT you, but the government, the Bulgarian state, that has to consider you as worth granting you citizenship. For this to happen, the government has to know you. The state officials have to be convinced that you, as Bulgarian citizen, will be an asset to the country. Or that you have already provided some services to the Bulgarian society. Either, past or future, is ok. But you have to be able to demonstrate your potential and capabilities. Citizenship for special merits is not a contract with the government. It is quite different than golden visa or citizenship by investment.

The VD&A Gold Club – your potential path to citizenship for special merits

In order to become potentially interesting for the Bulgarian government to offer you citizenship for special merits, you must be known in Bulgaria. You may be known in a way that both the authorities and the Bulgarian society can see in you potential that can add value to the country. By “value”, you should not understand anything financial. “Value” is here in a much broader sense. In some cases however, successful foreign entrepreneurs can also become eligible for citizenship, through their investment potential that can benefit the Bulgarian economy. Members of the VD&A Gold Club have the advantage of potential introduction by the VD&A team. But membership in the Club is also “by invitation only”.

Low taxes in Bulgaria plus a Bulgarian taxes

Bulgarian citizenship is not only about freedom of travel. Bulgarian citizenship is the doorway to low taxes (10% flat) and access to the EU markets. Bulgaria’s Schengen accession on 31.03.2024 has also made the Bulgarian citizenship, one of the most desired in the EU.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or go straight to the VD&A’s website – for professional assistance in order to obtain Bulgarian citizenship for special merits.

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