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Our offer – existing (pre-registered) company in Bulgaria with VAT number and bank account with online banking – from 2490 EUR !!!

Why would you need a Bulgarian company with VAT number?

buy Bulgarian pre-registered LTD Company

We offer you the opportunity to purchase a ready-made company with a VAT number in Bulgaria. Thanks to this service, you will not only save time, but you will get a fully operational company, set-up and ready to do business in Europe. Acquiring the company is possible without visiting Bulgaria.

When do you need to have your own company with a VAT number (to become an European VAT payer)? First of all, we are talking about companies that not only have a turnover exceeding the threshold set by law, but can also prove to the tax authorities of the country that the company is solid and reliable. In Bulgaria, in order to become a VAT payer, one has to successfully complete a comprehensive verification procedure with the tax authorities. We have already done all that for you so you can start trading immediately!

Secondly, the VAT number is especially needed for companies that are actively working with partners in the EU. Thanks to the VAT registration, the company is able to exempt itself from paying VAT to the Bulgarian tax authorities for the transactions with its European partners. The basic VAT rate in Bulgaria is 20%, thus, by having Bulgarian VAT-number, the company will save a considerable amount of money.

In many cases (virtually always), a VAT registered EU entity suggests for the credibility of the company and is a very positive signal for its reputation.

Bulgaria is a proven and relatively affordable base for a business that operates in the EU. Therefore, international entrepreneurs are keen on registering and buying companies in Bulgaria.

Why is it worth buying a ready-made company with VAT registration in Bulgaria?

Why do we recommend buying a ready-made company in Bulgaria with VAT registration, rather than creating your own? There are several reasons for this.

First of all, starting from the end of 2018, it’s almost impossible for a foreigner to open a company in Bulgaria. Bulgarian banks have stopped opening bank accounts for new companies who have foreign directors (or owners). Even if purely theoretically, although it is impossible, you could register your company in Bulgaria, upon registration, you will not be assigned or granted a VAT number. It will be necessary to prove to the tax authorities that your company will perfectly comply with all tax laws and regulations. And this, in view of the foreign participation, is practically impossible.

Until you get the VAT number and be fully VAT registered, you will have to pay 20% VAT, especially if you are supplying physical goods.

To complicate the situation even more, it is worth noting that nothing guarantees you the issuance of VAT-number even if you somehow convince the tax authorities about your business plans and intentions. In addition, if you are supplying physical goods, but at the same time the goods do not physically enter the territory of Bulgaria, the state authorities will most likely refuse to issue you the VAT number.

Therefore, the only feasible decision is to buy a ready-made company with VAT registration already approved. This means that it already exists for some time, has passed all relevant checks, has completed all documents and now, its owner has decided to sell it.

And you can now take advantage of the situation and acquire the company in order to start business in the EU straight away.

What should you consider when buying a ready-made Bulgarian company with VAT registration?

The first factor to be taken into account is that ready-made companies with VAT registration do not simply stay on the shelves waiting to be sold. These companies are a product that appears rarely on the market and is being sold quite quickly.

If you are seriously interested in buying a ready-made company in Bulgaria with VAT number (and bank account), then please contact us as soon as possible. After receiving your request, we will check what companies are available and will offer you one of them. If at that moment no company is for sale, we will immediately inform you, so you can make other plans accordingly.

The second thing to consider is the acquisition price. It is impossible to predict how much the company will cost ultimately, because it depends on the seller’s requests. The specified price that starts from 2490 EUR is a basic price, which takes into account the average cost of most of our ready-made companies, with VAT registration in Bulgaria. The price includes also the work for the due diligence and the preparation of all documents.

Our consultant will provide you the exact price at the moment when we find out what companies are available at the moment.

The next factor you should take in consideration is that the as the company already exists and conducts business, it should be carefully checked before buying. We offer only clean companies with excellent accounting and history!

You should know that you will need a real office in Bulgaria, at least a small room, in order to maintain the VAT registration.

What documents are required for the purchase of an existing VAT registered company in Bulgaria?

To be able to arrange the sale of existing company with VAT registration in Bulgaria, we will need a scanned copy of your passport (high definition) and your current residential address. We will prepare all documents that you will need to sign. Some documents may need to be legalized at the Bulgarian embassy that is nearest to you.

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