The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

St. Augustine

Nothing is more important for us than the ultimate comfort of our clients! That is why our specialists travel the world around.

Meeting our valued Clients on all continents

24/7 Customer service and immediate international travel on request

business meeting

Nowadays, international business is done easier and faster than ever before, mainly because of the endless communication options and the internet. Still, face-to-face meetings are essential part of the trust building and the high-end customer service.

Our specialists therefore travel frequently to all corners of the world in order to assist perspective or existing clients. Especially frequent are our travels to customers from countries with visa restrictions, such as China and Russia.

Speaking your language

No matter what your mother tongue is (with some exceptions of course), we will try our best to assign a manager to service you in your own language. In cases when this is not possible, and on condition that you don’t speak any other language, we will ensure professional interpreter to assist you in all dealings within our organization. Obviously, in most cases, English is the language of choice, which all our associates are fluent in.

Visa assistance for our Clients

Entry visa support for non-EU citizens

If you, as our customer, need entry visa to visit us in Bulgaria or in the EU, we will provide full visa support service in order to facilitate your travel. Provided you have no entry ban for the EU or for Bulgaria, there are no other obstacles that can hinder your visit.

For any information on the topic, please call our visa service line or contact us at your earlier convenience.

For more comprehensive visa related enquiries, we recommend liaising with the immigration team of

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