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The shortcoming of good accountants with corporate mindset in Bulgaria

If you have been doing serious business in Bulgaria, you should definitely know by now that finding a good accountant in Bulgaria is close to impossible.

The main problems with the accountants in Bulgaria (accounting companies included) are:

  • poor foreign language proficiency and communication skills;
  • poor understanding of the core business processes of the company and as consequence, failure to adapt the accountancy operations with the specifics of the company;
  • lack of flexibility and hard-coded working habits;
  • overloaded with work for other companies (in the case of external accountant);
  • overly conservative attitude, often showing symptoms of panic during the working process (in the case of internal accountant on payroll);
  • poor productivity;
  • lack of legal knowledge and inability to take responsibility about the correct interpretation of the fiscal laws (the most common and most serious problem).

These are only the first problems that come to mind when it comes to a foreign company that is doing business in Bulgaria. And the consequences of ignoring these, or not addressing them correctly, can be disastrous.

The solution

The best solution in Bulgaria is provided by VD&A. Please read more about their fixed monthly packages for accountancy services with licensed legal support.

You can also contact us for further details and assistance on your tax-related and fiscal issues in Bulgaria.

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