1. When you are in Bulgaria, beware of the some gestures (especially during business negotiations). For example: head nod will be seen as “no”! And the negative shake head – like “yes”.

2. The first electronic wrist watches appeared in Bulgaria. They were invented by the engineer-inventor Peter Dimitrov Petrov in 1969.

You may be surprised,

but the first computer is a Bulgarian case. His inventor is the great John Atanassov.

3. Bulgaria closes the top three countries, where most of the objects protected by UNESCO are located. Only Italy and Greece are ahead in this competition.

4. Bulgarians love to drink 40-degree rakiya – grape, pear, apricot or plum brew. And also mastica – similar to anise vodka and Greek uzo. Snacking locals prefer salads.

5. Cocktails are also very popular here. And local know-how is carrot juice. It is added to the entertainment drinks based on rum or whiskey. In some of the local bars like even more amazing combinations: cocktails based on wine and lemonade.

6. Rose oil is what you should bring from this country as a souvenir. In the Bulgarian city of Kazanlak there is even a “Valley of Roses”. And this is the largest rose plantation in the world.

In addition,

the investment in rose oil is always an excellent option. In perfumery, this ingredient is highly appreciated. Especially if it is of such high quality as the local one.

7. In the smallest town in Bulgaria, called Melnik, there is only one street. But each house on it has architectural value and it`s under the supervision of UNESCO.

Nesebar old town

8. It was the Bulgarian folk song (with some other music) that was sent into space by the Voyager rocket! For instance of the Earth culture. So this will be the first that aliens will hear from our civilization!

9. For breakfast, lunch and dinner Bulgarians like to eat “banitsa”! This is a puff bun stuffed with cheese. And baked with golden crust according to a local old recipe. Certainly you must try the local “banitsa”!

The Bulgarian food industry is very well developed. In other words, investing in it is like “safe play”.

Citizenship by Investments

10. The “Citizenship by Investments” program is successfully operating in Bulgaria. The passport of this country provides visa-free access to 169 countries! Including the UK, EU countries, Australia and Canada. And from 2020 – the United States will also be in this list.

11. You can get Bulgarian citizenship in an accelerated procedure for only 18 months. The minimum investment is € 1,024,000. However all investments required for obtaining a passport are refundable. After 18 months you can return them.

12. In the case of a passport under the standard scheme – for 6 years – the minimum investment is € 512 thousand. And all investments can be returned immediately after obtaining citizenship.

13. Citizenship by Investment in Bulgaria can be issued in just six months.

14. In Bulgaria, family values are very developed. As a result, citizenship can be obtained here for a spouse and children of any age.

15. The Bulgarian “Citizenship by investment” program will not require you to move. So you`ll only need a physical address of residence in the country. But the decision to move has a strong side. Bulgaria has a high standard of living and more than affordable prices.


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