Straightforward accountancy requirements and low taxation

Registering Bulgarian company has been the best business solution for many non EU citizens throughout the years. Businessmen from China, India, Pakistan, South Africa, etc. are storming our offices every year with request to register Bulgarian company. It is mainly the ease of operations that attracts them to Bulgaria, alongside with the ultra low tax rate of only 10%.

But in the last years, the Western European clients are those who are lining up to open Bulgarian companies and bank accounts. And it is not only the 10% tax rate that attracts them to Bulgaria. Western European banks simply do not “tolerate” any “comprehensive” business initiative. Not that Bulgarian banks are easy to deal with, but they are slightly more flexible. And in the today’s realms, this flexibility makes the whole difference.

What businesses are “outsourcing” the EU citizens to their Bulgarian companies

First and foremost it’s the IT industry that has already moved to Bulgaria. But of course there is another factor for that – the availability of highly skilled Bulgarian employees. So its logical that such businesses are registered in Bulgaria on a mass scale. Another types of business that many EU citizens perform through Bulgarian companies are:

  • financial and investment consultancy;
  • luxury business services (ie boat renting or private jets arrangements);
  • boat (yacht) management;
  • real estate trade and rental;
  • hotel and hospitality business;
  • tourism;
  • staff recruiting, etc.

Capital protection in Bulgaria

In today’s world of sanctions and freezing of assets, capital protection is extremely important. Commercial companies are often a target, so one has to decide on the best capital protection vehicle carefully. Forming a company away from ones place of residence and citizenship is always a smart move. Still, alongside with the registration of Bulgarian company, we also recommend the use of Bulgarian private foundation for ultimate results.

We are here to help

We are available 24/7 for selected customers to help them with their business and investment needs. Please contact our offices to arrange a meeting or legal consultation about the available options to protect and growth your wealth.

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