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“Pirogov” Hospital will perform Covid-19 PCR tests for travelers abroad (a certificate will be issued in English) From July 19 in the hospital for emergency medicine “N. I. Pirogov ”PCR tests for Covid-19 will be performed on travelers abroad. A certificate in English will also be issued. The test willContinue Reading

Закон за извънредното положение в България

Законът за извънредното положение в “Държавен вестник” На 24 март Законът за извънредното положение беше обнародван в “Държавен вестник”. Повечето му разпоредби влизат в сила със задна дата – от 13 март 2020 г., а останалите от 24 март. Ще се опитаме накратко да ви запознаем с най-важните промени, коитоContinue Reading

Bulgarian accountants

Fixed packages for international companies in Bulgaria. Full accountancy services with legal support by tax lawyers. We believe this to be the one of a kind service in Bulgaria. The shortcoming of good accountants with corporate mindset in Bulgaria If you have been doing serious business in Bulgaria, you shouldContinue Reading

Bulgarian seafarer

How are seafarers taxed in Bulgaria In many countries, seafarers enjoy preferential tax treatment, compared to those who work on-shore. Bulgaria is no exception. Since 01.01.2010 the Bulgarian legislation foresees different tax regime to seafarers for their income from employment relations. So let’s dig into the legal details below. WhoContinue Reading

tax liability in Bulgaria

We often receive questions from non-Bulgarian clients regarding their personal tax status (liability) in Bulgaria. Below is our legal analysis on the matter. Good Day,My name is Steven. Me and my wife are considering moving to Bulgaria and would like to ask few question regarding potential income tax liability. IContinue Reading