Tax compliance and accountancy services with full legal support

Many foreign businesses in Bulgaria struggle to find reliable accountant or accountancy company. We know many horror stories of accountants who have ruined foreign businesses in Bulgaria. Don’t become one of those!

If you are trying to find the perfect accountancy solution for your company in Bulgaria, then look no further. We will provide full accountancy and legal support for you and for your company!

Tax laws are complicated everywhere. Bulgaria is no exception. Long gone are the days when one could look through fingers at his accountancy duties.

Finding good accountancy company is difficult

Today, each entrepreneur has to ensure that his books are maintained with utmost attention. No corners should be cut when it comes to tax compliance.

Finding reliable accountant or accountancy company is one of the biggest hurdles for virtually all foreign businesses in Bulgaria. The hardest to find is an English (or other foreign language) speaking accountant who has access to professional tax legal support.

99% of all Bulgarian based accountancy companies and accountants are only capable of filling tax declaration without putting too much thought on the legal compliance. This can have catastrophic consequences.

Most businesses see the accountancy requirements as “just another cost” for the company. Definitely not our thinking. Doing the accountancy paperwork the right way will not only save you money by avoiding penalties and late payment fees. It will provide you with the opportunity to optimize your tax bill and to save huge on the long run.

Our target clientele – mid and large size international companies that operate in Bulgaria

What we do not do, as it simply doesn’t fit into our business model, is offering micro companies, close to zero accountancy service fees! We are not capable to provide service to everybody. Ultra-small companies (usually one-man businesses) should better find a single independent accountant in Bulgaria in order to fill in their tax returns.

We are concentrating mainly on large and mid-size international companies with complex legal structures and sustainable business in Bulgaria.

Turnkey solutions by – legal and accountancy services combined

We really don’t believe that standalone accountants and accountancy offices can deliver good job. Not because they won’t try hard, but simply, because lawyers interpret the (tax) laws, and accountants put it on paper. If either of these fail, the result can be disastrous.

Our accountants are always supported by a legal team of experienced tax lawyers. This is what makes us quite different from everyone else in Bulgaria. We provide legal support and accountancy services as a combined turn-key solution for your tax compliance needs.

Accountants and tax lawyers should always work together as tax laws need to be interpreted correctly.

accountants in different languages

Speaking your language

You need to be able to communicate with your lawyer and accountant in your own language. We know that this is of extreme importance. That’s why we will ensure that your personal manager will be speaking fluently your language.

While English is the working language in our office, among Bulgarian, we go far beyond that. We will provide you services in virtually all major languages – Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, etc.

What services do we provide

We are providing turn-key accountancy solutions to international and foreign owned companies in Bulgaria. We also work with purely Bulgarian companies, who have strong leadership and clear business vision.

The list of our accountancy services goes far beyond what we can put on a single website. Still, the most commonly requested services are:

For any questions you might have, please contact us as soon as possible so we can assist you with all accountancy and tax related queries.

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