How with an investment in Bulgaria to become a European and at the same time increase your wealth? And all this for a period of 14 months?

Serious investment in Bulgaria? Probably 15-20 years ago this would have sounded quite exotic and risky. But not in 2021. Even in a pandemic. What has changed so much during this time in the small European country? And why is this deal so “sweet”?

Two in one: European citizenship and secure investment in Bulgaria

Clarification in the title of the article, “if you are not European”, is important. Along with the Cyprus and Maltese Citizenship by Investment programs, you have probably heard of the so-called “Golden Passport.” The United States has also offered a similar option for many years to wealthy foreigners who want to become Americans. A few years ago, there were enough “golden passport” programs in Europe. But after several spectacular corruption scandals involving the programs of Cyprus, Malta and Portugal, only one working CIP remained in the EU. And this is the Bulgarian one.

In March 2021, in order to strengthen and protect its Citizenship by Investment program, the Bulgarian Parliament adopted important changes to the Law on Citizenship of Foreigners. Until now, the Bulgarian program has successfully avoided major corruption schemes that ended the existence of the Cyprus and Maltese CIPs. The newly adopted changes have made the Bulgarian CIP the best and safest in the EU. The procedure is transparent, simple and offers wide investment opportunities for foreigners who wish to obtain a Bulgarian = European golden passport. Bulgaria is the only non-island country that offers a fast-track citizenship program. Which means that in about 14 months, after a corresponding investment, you can get a Golden European Passport, both for yourself and for your whole family. You can learn more about the whole procedure here:

Why an investment in Bulgaria can be a uniquely good move?

Over the last decade, Bulgaria has stabilized financially and politically. The country has been a member of the EU since 2007. Therefore, if you have a Bulgarian passport, you enjoy full European citizenship. You can travel visa-free throughout the EU and a total of over 160 countries around the world. You can enjoy modern healthcare, study at the best universities and grow your business in peace. On top of that, you will pay the lowest taxes and fees in the EU (in Bulgaria, the so-called flat 10% income tax has long been in force, both for individuals and companies).

Bulgaria is a country with an ancient history. One of the oldest countries in Europe with over 1300 years of history. The country is a famous destination for cultural and archaeological tourism with world-famous resorts for summer (sea) and winter (ski) tourism, which is a unique and rare combination.

What is the Bulgarian fast-track CIP and what are the investment opportunities it offers?

We will briefly introduce you to the really wide and diverse opportunities that the Bulgarian CIP offers to investors. The range of the investment can vary from a minimum of EUR 512 000 to a maximum of EUR 2 048 000. We will focus on investment opportunities under the fast-track program, because it has no analogue in the EU and only a few island countries have one in the world. But under conditions and prices that can not be compared with those of the Bulgarian.

So if you choose the Bulgarian fast-track CIP, only after 1 year from your first investment, you will already have a permanent residence permit for the EU. This is guaranteed by art. 14a, para. 1 of the new “Law for the Bulgarian Citizenship”. However, in order to acquire full Bulgarian (European) citizenship, you must perform one of the 4 options listed below…

Final requirements for obtaining Bulgarian (EU) citizenship under fast-track CIP

1. Doubles the investment, based on the option chosen, with the following minimums:

Bonds or shares of Bulgarian companies traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange from 1 024 000 EUR to 2 048 000 EUR.

Bulgarian concession rights from 512 000 EUR to 1 024 000 EUR.

Shares of investment funds (UCITs, ETFs) from 512 000 EUR to 1 024 000 EUR.

Shares of alternative investment funds (AIFs) from 512 000 EUR to 1 024 000 EUR.

Participation in a Bulgarian company carrying on a Certified Priority Investment Project from 1 024 000 EUR to 2 048 000 EUR.

2. Invests additionally 512 000 EUR in Bulgarian company carrying on a Certified Priority Investment Project.

3. Increases the participation in Bulgarian trading company as follows:

– investment increase in the capital from 256 000 EUR to 512 000 EUR;

– increases the number of Bulgarian employees from 10 to 20.

4. Maintained the participation in certified investment project and the investments in the project have been maintained above the required minimum for investment class “A” as per the Investment Promotion Act.

Maximum protection for your investment

You will hardly find another similar investment opportunity providing such a high level of protection. The uniqueness of the Bulgarian fast-track CIP comes from the fact that it offers protection of your investment from a purely legal point of view. The investment capital will never be taken out of your account. All the money and investment products purchased (shares, bonds, etc.) will at all time remain under the full and exclusive control of the investor. At no time will the investment be transferred to any attorney, government agency, etc.

If you are ever requested to move your investment capital to an account of someone else (an agent for example), we recommend you to immediately seek competent legal advice and report fraud.

Read more on the topic here:

Absolute Protection for your Investment throughout the Process

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