The best investment in Bulgaria for foreigners outside the EU is the Bulgarian CIP (but time is running out)

Why Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP), a.k.a. Golden Passport, is the best investment in Bulgaria right now? In 2020 and 2021, shocking changes took place on the European stage of action, where some particularly valuable benefits, such as “EU citizenship” and the “EU Golden Passport”, were being played out.  This completely shuffled the cards of the participants in the game (the “joker” came out in a winning position). Several journalistic investigations have led to scandalous revelations related to the Cyprus and Maltese Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIPs). According to the revelations, these two programs have long practiced corruption schemes. In other words, they handed out European gold passports to anyone who had enough money to pay the fat commission to citizenship dealers. As a result of the exposures of the investigative journalists (see the investigation of Al-Jazeera) and the subsequent pressure from the relevant parliamentary committees of the EU, the programs of Malta and Cyprus were stopped.

Suddenly, it turned out that there was only one working CIP (Citizenship by Investment Program) left in the whole EU – the Bulgarian one. The Bulgarian CIP, which managed to protect itself from major corruption schemes. Bulgarians simply refused to pay fat commissions to international citizenship dealers. This stuck a stick in their advertising wheel, but protected them from the big corruption scandals involving Cypriots and Maltese.

Now the Bulgarian CIP, de facto, has no competition in the EU. And after the changes made and adopted by the Bulgarian Parliament in the Citizenship Act in March 2021, the Bulgarian Program Citizenship by Investment is better, more transparent and more orderly than ever. 2021 is emerging as one of the most successful for the Program. The changes, both in the competitive market and the legislative actions taken, have contributed to attracting serious investors from Hong Kong, United States, Australia, Russia and others.

Why CIP is the best investment in Bulgaria?

  1. The investment is guaranteed by the Bulgarian state and the EU!
  2. Almost certain return on investment!
  3. Obtaining Bulgarian/EU citizenship within 18 months.

It may sound like a fairy tale, too good to be true, but it is the truth! If you decide to apply for Bulgarian citizenship under the CIP, you will receive full EU citizenship for yourself and your family. And your investment will bring you (with a high degree of security) bonuses of hundreds of thousands of euros over time.

Following the legislative changes of March 2021, the Bulgarian Investment Citizenship Program offers even wider investment opportunities.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

ETF is one of the most preferred options by our clients. And this trend is expected to strengthen in 2022. One of the reasons for this: a candidate for Bulgarian citizenship by investment, who has bought ETFs in March 2021, would now be pocketing a profit of more than 100,000 EUR. This became possible after in 2021 the Bulgarian stock exchange index SOFIX recorded an average growth of nearly 40% (annual basis), climbing to 11th place in the world.

The minimum required amount for an investment in an ETF is EUR 512,000. Several factors determine the final value of the bonus, but in any case it is a 6-digit number.

What are the investment opportunities under the Citizenship by Investment Program?

  • Shares of Bulgarian listed companies, operated on regulated market, for 1 024 000 EUROS;
  • Bulgarian corporate bonds, traded on a regulated market, for 1 024 000 EUROS;
  • Bulgarian concession contracts and rights, for 512 thousand EUROS;
  • Shares of investment funds (European Union UCIT & ETF) by investment concentration on Bulgaria, for 512 thousand EUROS;
  • Shares of alternative investment funds (AIFs) with investment focus on Bulgaria, for 512 thousand EUROS;
  • Investment in Bulgarian company carrying on a Certified Priority Investment Project (CPIP, basically an analogue of the EB5), for 1 024 000 EUROS;
  • Participation in certified investment project – the minimum investment depends on the certain project;
  • Participation or creation of Bulgarian trading company, for 256 thousand EUROS and employing TEN Bulgarians.

 This is a clear investment, without commissions and fees. Investment remains constantly on the name and the account of the candidate!

EU Golden Passport and the huge opportunities it offers

It is no coincidence that the European “Golden Passport” bears this nickname. You will be able to travel visa-free to over 160 countries around the world (the Bulgarian passport ranks 9th worldwide according to this indicator). Wherever you are, you will benefit from EU consular assistance and protection. You will have access to the best medical and social services. You will be able to invest in real estate that is only available to EU citizens. The list is long. Add to it the lowest taxes in the EU that you will pay as a citizen of Bulgaria.

Your time is running out!

At the moment, the Bulgarian program Citizenship by Investment (Golden Passport) still exists and you can take advantage of it. The Bulgarian Parliament acted nationally responsibly and did not succumb to external pressure. The program survived and after the legislative changes of March 2021, it is better than ever. But until when exactly – no one knows…

Citizenship and Investment Ltd ( is at your disposal if you have any questions or want to become a candidate for the Program. You can count on an honest and professional opinion from our experts on every aspect of your possible investment.

But keep in mind that Bulgarian citizenship under the CIP is no longer a “gift” given by the Bulgarian government and president. As it was until the end of 2020. Now the situation has changed, and the EU Golden Passport has become a privilege. Privilege that is only available to those who can afford it.


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