Which workers and specialists will be most sought after by Bulgarian business owners?

IT specialists and Teachers

It will hardly be surprising for IT specialists that they will be among the 2 most sought professions for 2020. It is a bit more surprising for teachers. But considering their salaries in Bulgaria and the lack of prestige of the profession – it seems reasonable to not enough teachers in the country and they are searched everywhere.
So it will be the “most wanted” after university graduates over the next 12 months in Bulgaria. And the data shows that over the next 3 to 5 years of Bulgarian business will need more than 20,000 IT specialists and a little more than 17,000 teachers and lecturers.

The study results

The results are from the second 2019 study of the needs of the workforce conducted by the Employment Agency with the Commission on employment to the District Development Councils in 28 districts in the country.

The study is nationally representative and conducted through surveys among 396,000 active enterprises in the country. The data show that in 2020 the Bulgarian business will need 90 500 specialists with qualifications or higher education.

Nurses, doctors, drivers, mechanical and civil engineers will also be looking for jobs.

64,400 unspecialized workers will also be needed in the various sectors of the economy. Most of them will be sought in sectors with lower productivity like crop production, construction and food industry.

What are the requirements of employers

The majority of the surveyed employers, 84.1% in total, expect their employees to have self-control and discipline skills, the analysis shows.

On second place are the ability to work under pressure (64.7%). Third, employers put the need for knowledge and skills to introduce new technologies (51%).

The sector that will be looking for the most specialists with higher education in the next 3 to 5 years remains “Government, education, humanitarian health”. It contains 38% of all declared needs, or a total of 34 081.

IT specialists, programming specialists and engineers demand is about the same in the industry.

What is labor demanding by regions?

The areas in which the employers state the most labor needs are Sofia with a share of 27% of all declared needs, followed by Plovdiv – 9.3%, Varna – 7.7%, Burgas – 7.3%, Blagoevgrad – 5.2%.

The demand is the lowest in Vidin District – 0.8% of all declared needs, as well as in Silistra, Targovishte and Razgrad – by 1.1%.

This results are comparable to the economic development of the country by districts. Sofia is the most developed and northern Bulgaria the least developed.

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