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Incorporate Bulgarian Limited Liability Company and profit from sustainable EU regulations and the lowest corporate tax rates in the whole European Union.

Ever thought of moving your business to a more tax friendly location?

10% flat tax, backed by large number of tax treaties

Why bother going offshore and be treated like tax evader? Now you have the choice of maintaining full EU compliance combined with the lowest corporate tax rate on profit of only 10%, wide range of double tax treaties, political stability, stable banking system and much more…


Bulgaria offers many opportunities for foreign businessmen who have decided to incorporate a local Limited Liability Company (LTD/LLC). Not only the domestic legislation is fully compliant with the EU directives, but the business climate is extremely friendly towards foreign owned enterprises. Bulgaria offers the lowest 10% corporate and personal tax rate, flexible VAT regime and easy to do administration. Business owners have the possibility to access online, from anywhere in the world, their company files in the state commercial register. By means of digital signature, any business manager can perform virtually all transactions instantly without leaving his foreign office. Banking in Bulgaria is a pleasurable experience with all modern banking facilities available on top of prolonged working hours and low transaction fees. As a full EU member, Bulgaria offers complete freedom of capital movement. By registering Bulgarian LLC, the business owner will not be subject to any reporting measures, such as EUSD (European Savings Directive and its latest amendments), CRS (Common Reporting Standard) and FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). Bank interest rates on deposit, although at historical lows in 2016, are still significantly higher than the interest rates offered by other EU banks. Deposits are guaranteed, in line with the EU measures, in the amount of up to 100 000 EUR. Both personal and business accounts are covered by the insurance scheme.

Considering all of the above, it is no surprise that many foreign businesses have already relocated to Bulgaria. From international outsourcing companies and call centers to small, mid and large size Greek businesses that have moved to Bulgaria for better financial stability, Bulgaria is the place to be. Businesses form outside of the EU have also incorporated offices in Bulgaria. Whether for capital protection under EU roof or easier access to the European market, this has resulted in many new companies being formed.


  • Bulgarian Limited Liability Company Formation – all registration procedures are made by a licensed lawyer, guaranteeing your ultimate legal protection;
  • Articles of association, minutes of first meeting and all other required documents and declarations prepared bi-lingual in Bulgarian and English. Other languages available on request;
  • All state registration fees;
  • First class bank introduction and bank account opening with credit card and online banking facility;
  • Online access to your company file in the state commercial register so you can immediately check and verify your company’s status;
  • Registered business office in prestigious central Sofia district;
  • Free tax advice by professional tax consultant;
  • Business mail handling.

Limited time offer

N.B. The promotional offer of 299 EUR (regular price 699 EUR) is valid until 15.04.2016 and can be terminated at any time without giving a notice.

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