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Albina Hume

Through our division for legal immigration services POSOLSTVO.EU, we have participated in the first International Emigration Expo, held in Kiev on 30.09.2016 and 01.10.2016.

Immigration and Investments

The International Emigration Expo 2016 is the largest event about legal immigration in the CIS. The first conference already took place in Kiev, Ukraine and the following events are scheduled for mid October 2016 in Alma Ata, Kazakhstan followed by a conference in Moscow, Russia.

The organizers – ZAGRANITSA INTERNATIONAL MEDIA GROUP LLP (London, UK) have made great effort to accommodate participants from more than 18 countries and to arrange meetings with Ukrainian counterparts – companies and private individuals, interested in relocation or studying abroad as well as setting up international business entities.

One of the most important topics during the conference were the different governmental programs that provide the opportunity to the potential investors to obtain citizenship under a fast-track procedure. Currently the naturalization legislation of Bulgaria and Cyprus are obviously the friendliest towards applicants who look for EU investment citizenship that would allow them unrestricted right to live and work in the EU on top of visa-free travel to most countries worldwide. While Cyprus provides the fastest naturalization procedure, Bulgaria in its turn gives the investor much wider array of options and sets significantly lower investment limit in order to qualify for citizenship. Bulgaria is the only EU country with similar program that doesn’t require real estate investment, thereby eliminating hefty notary, real estate agents fees, state and municipal taxes on real estate and even VAT.

Additionally the Bulgarian investment naturalization program provides the applicant with the lowest personal and corporate tax rate in the whole EU (10%), stable economic environment, solid credit ratings and advanced legal system, allowing maximum level of capital protection.

During the conference we could make great personal contacts with potential customers and have signed a number of contracts for cooperation with partners from all over the world that would ensure enhanced customer service and communication flow. The sustainability of these contacts would provide us with the opportunity to further diversify our offerings and to expand the scope of ours and our partner’s services.

Our representatives had the opportunity to speak on the International Emmigration Expo about the Bulgarian Naturalization Program for Investment, its advantages and the challenges the applicants have to face in order to have their files approved in the shortest legally possible terms.

Pictures from the event in Kiev

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