Bulgarian economy

The Bulgarian economy and the great world economic powers (2021-2023) The Bulgarian economy, like any economy of a small country, is directly dependent on the major world economic powers. For Bulgaria, these powers are the EU and the United States. Therefore, we will first briefly consider the BNB’s (BNB –Continue Reading

Bulgarian Citizenship by Investments Program

The Bulgarian Citizenship by Investments Program (CIP) is about to remain the only one in the EU! Cyprus closes its CBI program from November 1st. Malta’s is under investigation. All this at a time when Covid-19 spurred interest in investment migration worldwide. The scandal with the Cypriot Citizenship by InvestmentsContinue Reading

Investment in Bulgaria

Starting a company or investment in Bulgaria, as in any other EU country, has its pros and cons. The Covid-19 pandemic has led the world to an unprecedented economic crisis. Therefore, your doubts about how such a business decision could be justified are completely vindicated. But we will try toContinue Reading

Legal Help Bankruptcy

Legal help in case of liquidation or bankruptcy for business owners   The estimate is ominous, but it was these companies that suffered the strongest blow from the Covid-19 pandemic in the country. This prediction was made by the Consumer Protection Association in Bulgaria. It is not much different fromContinue Reading

covid-19 bulgaria

“Pirogov” Hospital will perform Covid-19 PCR tests for travelers abroad (a certificate will be issued in English) From July 19 in the hospital for emergency medicine “N. I. Pirogov ”PCR tests for Covid-19 will be performed on travelers abroad. A certificate in English will also be issued. The test willContinue Reading