Investment in Bulgaria

Starting a company or investment in Bulgaria, as in any other EU country, has its pros and cons. The Covid-19 pandemic has led the world to an unprecedented economic crisis. Therefore, your doubts about how such a business decision could be justified are completely vindicated. But we will try toContinue Reading

stable economy in Bulgaria

Israel‘s doors are open to collaboration with Bulgaria. Shimon Peres Bulgaria – ultimate safety for your business and your investments Rapid sustainable growth The Bulgarian economy has been growing rapidly and its exports are booming. The business-friendly environment in the country and its well educated workforce has been major attractionContinue Reading

company formation in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly attractive target for large business companies and organizations. However, more and more Russians, British, Japanese, Chinese, Americans are settling permanently with their families in Bulgaria. Many of them decide to start a business in our country. For them, basically, we wrote this “manual”. Step No.Continue Reading

investment in Bulgaria

Although new industrial projects are being implemented in Bulgaria, foreign investors do not miss out on their concerns and inconveniences. These are observations over the years that hinder their activity. Such as labor market imbalances and infrastructure problems. Austrian companies – foreign investor #2 Austrian companies are among the mostContinue Reading