The best investment in Bulgaria

The best investment in Bulgaria for foreigners outside the EU is the Bulgarian CIP (but time is running out) Why Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP), a.k.a. Golden Passport, is the best investment in Bulgaria right now? In 2020 and 2021, shocking changes took place on the European stage of action,Continue Reading

Bulgarian economy

The Bulgarian economy and the great world economic powers (2021-2023) The Bulgarian economy, like any economy of a small country, is directly dependent on the major world economic powers. For Bulgaria, these powers are the EU and the United States. Therefore, we will first briefly consider the BNB’s (BNB –Continue Reading

Bulgarian national assembly

The Bulgarian parliament voted new citizenship law that will enable the country to attract fresh investments. In return, the investors will get the opportunity to obtain fast-track EU citizenship. The new investment options that are available for the citizenship candidates are more comprehensive than the Eurobonds – the investment ofContinue Reading

Bulgarian Citizenship by Investments Program

The Bulgarian Citizenship by Investments Program (CIP) is about to remain the only one in the EU! Cyprus closes its CBI program from November 1st. Malta’s is under investigation. All this at a time when Covid-19 spurred interest in investment migration worldwide. The scandal with the Cypriot Citizenship by InvestmentsContinue Reading

Bulgarian government bonds

What actually is the Bulgarian state bond? Government securities are debt instruments issued by the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria, the holders of which receive bonuses in the form of interest payments at fixed dates. These payments are constant and based on a predetermined percentage. Government Securities are notContinue Reading

Live your dreams, not your fears! Albina Hume Through our division for legal immigration services POSOLSTVO.EU, we have participated in the first International Emigration Expo, held in Kiev on 30.09.2016 and 01.10.2016. Immigration and Investments The International Emigration Expo 2016 is the largest event about legal immigration in the CIS. TheContinue Reading