Accountancy in Bulgaria - 2021

Tax compliance and accountancy services with full legal support Many foreign businesses in Bulgaria struggle to find reliable accountant or accountancy company. We know many horror stories of accountants who have ruined foreign businesses in Bulgaria. Don’t become one of those! If you are trying to find the perfect accountancyContinue Reading

covid-19 bulgaria

“Pirogov” Hospital will perform Covid-19 PCR tests for travelers abroad (a certificate will be issued in English) From July 19 in the hospital for emergency medicine “N. I. Pirogov ”PCR tests for Covid-19 will be performed on travelers abroad. A certificate in English will also be issued. The test willContinue Reading

Bulgarian accountants

Fixed packages for international companies in Bulgaria. Full accountancy services with legal support by tax lawyers. We believe this to be the one of a kind service in Bulgaria. The shortcoming of good accountants with corporate mindset in Bulgaria If you have been doing serious business in Bulgaria, you shouldContinue Reading

VAt tax in Bulgaria

The nature of VAT Value added tax, or VAT (MwSt, BTW, etc.) is one of the least understood tax in the corporate world. In fact this is the tax that we all pay – no matter where we live or how much we earn. If you think that you areContinue Reading